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Advisory Board

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Matthew Carr

Matthew previously worked as an Operational Security Specialist at IKEA, Security R&D at IBM and as a senior penetration tester & researcher at SecureLink.

Matt regularly speaks at industry events, lectures on Industrial and offensive security and competes in legal, competitive hacking events (CTFs) against teams from the likes of Google, Microsoft and Tencent. He completed two groundbreaking cyber security research projects that were picked up by the likes of the BBC, The Register and Fox. In 2018 he achieved top 50 VIP researcher status and discovered two 0-days in widely used network and security appliances, one affecting national security.
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Stephen Wu

Steve served as the 2010-2011 Chair of the American Bar Association Section of Science & Technology Law, and is a member of a number of the Sections Committees, including the Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, and E-Privacy Law Committees. The American Bar Association published his book, Guide to HIPAA Security and the Law, in August 2016. Steve has written or co-written six other books on information security and the law.

Before starting his private practice, Steve was the second in-house attorney at VeriSign, Inc. At VeriSign, he was in charge of the team managing the company’s security policies and procedures. He is a 1988 graduate of Harvard Law School.
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Joe Lindau

Colonel Lindau retired from the United States Marine Corps after a 34 year career. He has commanded infantry units and operated as a logistics officer from the Battalion to the Service and Theater level. He has extensive experience in Artic Cold Weather Warfare and as a Battle Captain briefing to the SROKA 4-star level in the South Korean Peninsula. Colonel Lindau deployed to Iraq as the Operations Officer in the Marine Logistics Command. Concurrent with his military service, he developed, trained and grew an aviation security service that provided airline checkpoint security throughout the U.S. with the implementation of government controlled TSA.
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Tomislav Mihaldinec

Tomislav has over 20 years’ experience building, maintaining and fixing major IT infrastructure. Tomislav is from A1 Telekom Austria, a major Austrian fixed and mobile telecommunications company. At A1 Tomislav built and deployed major infrastructure working with such systems as IBM to Linux, Tomislav was part of a small team overseeing systems that managed 10 million active network subscribers. Before A1 Telekom, Tomislav worked for over a decade at Ericsson where he managed and built AntiSpam/AntiVirus servers, Ericsons WAP gateway and internal company portals. Tomislav is a certified IBM and Ericsson trained technician.
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Valentina de Pertis

After leaving university with honors in BA advertising and marketing, Valentina moved into the events industry running multiple successful lifestyle, music and corporate events. After events, Valentina moved into the corporate world to start a marketing and web design agency specializing in WordPress, App Development, SEO and secure hosting.

For more than a decade, ethical hacking, social engineering and ICS security has been a personal interest and for more than six years Valentina has been marketing cyber-security services.